Hazelnut Cocoa Spread

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Fulfilled by our friends at DEUX

Vegan | Gluten free | with Aloe Vera & Vitamin C for Beauty Support

It’s a spread, it’s a sauce, it’s whatever you want it to be - so we just call it Drip. Meet our first new product outside of cookie dough & the first ever functional “N*tella” made with only 6 clean ingredients, including Aloe Vera (610 mg per jar) and Vitamin C (90 mg per jar), to support healthy & glowing skin. This chocolate hazelnut [butter/spread/sauce] is everything & anything you want it to be. Tastes like buttery hazelnuts in a sea of creamy velvet chocolate.

Dip, drip, & spread it onto whatever you like!

- Dip a strawberry
- Stuff a s’more
- Frost a cookie
- Make a sandwich
- Spoon it straight into your mouth
- Lick it off your crush

Enjoy it *deux* ways:

1. Drizzle: Store at room temperature for a thin, drizzly consistency.
2. Spread: Refrigerate for optimal spreadability.

See images for nutrition facts and ingredients.
As seen on Shark Tank.

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